Rang 5/6 visit from the Irish Heart Foundation

On Monday morning a representative from the Irish Heart Foundation came to us to speak to Fifth and Sixth Class.

His name was Adrian Roache. Adrian works for The Irish Heart Foundation based in Dublin. He spoke to us about the recommended amount of exercise one should have which is 60 minutes or more per day, however it does not need to be all at once.

It can be split up throughout the day and add up to 60 minutes or more.The average amount of steps per day is 10 000(ten thousand) steps.
He told us that our heart beats at about 10 000 beats each day or at 72 beats per minute. A way to calculate your maximum heart-rate is 220 minus your age.

Adrian focused then on sugar and the impact that it can have if you take too much it gives you a …
35% chance of having a heart attack.
16%chance of having a stroke and,
26%chance of getting type 2 diabetes.

Did you know that there are ___________ teaspoons of sugar…..

1.There are 4 teaspoons of sugar in breakfast bar
2.25 teaspoons of sugar in a full pack of Haribo
3.6 teaspoons in a mint aero bar
4.16 teaspoons in Mountain Dew drink
5.Surprisingly there are 50 teaspoons in a bottle of Chef ketchup
6.A carton of Ribena has 12.5 teaspoons of sugar and a Capri Sun drink has 8 teaspoons of sugar.

There are 46 different names for sugar in products. The recommended intake of sugar per day is said to be 6 teaspoons.

We thank Adrian sincerely for his visit and learned so much from his presentation.

Emma Murphy Rang a Cúig