Féile Scoldramaíocht Cill Mobhí

Go n-eirí an t-ádh le Rang a h-Aon, Dó agus Trí tomorrow morning in Kilmovee where they take part in the annual Féile Dramaíochta competition.We hope all the children enjoy their morning.

A very special word of thanks to Ms.Sloyan and Mr.Rushe for all their hard work preparing their students so well. Maith sibh!

Bainigí go léir taitneamh as!

Have a great day!

10@10 : Our Active School

We had such fun and activity at St. Attracta’s National School this morning to celebrate National 10@10 day. After two weeks of preparation and practice, Mr. Rushe devised a huge range of exercises and activities to get us all moving and ready for another day at school.

We played basketball, hurdles, quoits, throwing and catching, running and jumping. Super fun was had by every class. Thanks you to Mr. Rushe and our Active School Committee for organising all our fun!

by Jessica Casey Active School Committee member.