Students of the Week Friday March 24th

We had a lovely sunny day for our assembly this afternoon and presentation of students of the week.

What a busy week this was, from chicks in Rang a hAon to the Spar 5 a side soccer competition to our Green Schools Evaluation to our Junior Entrepreneur Dragon’s Den to a visit from an engineer, swimming for all classes from 1st -6th to finally a very interesting and enjoyable presentation from Victoria Efeni speaking to students from 4th-6th as part of our Global Citizenship project! This was all on top of the very busy work of teaching and learning in all classes.

Our teachers this week praised students for their not alone their hard work but also teamwork that was visible with the many projects that are ongoing throughout the school. Teachers expressed their delight at the maturity and level of common sense on display this week. Also it is always a pleasure to hear of children achieving with a task that they may have found previously difficult. It shows that their hard work will pay off if they persevere.

Children learn by example and the praise we heard today was a shining example for all of our students. Congratulations to those awarded Student of the Week and keep up the great work.

Next week again promises to be a busy week, we have our final week’s swimming on Wednesday and also a visit from the Road Safety Authority focusing on how best to be safe when walking, cycling and also as passenger in a vehicle.

Bainigí taitneamh as an deireadh seachtaine!

Engineer Anne Wiseman Visits 4th/5th/6th Class

While our Girls and Boys team’s participated in the Spar 5’s those who remained back at base had a lovely visit from Anne Wiseman from the Technology Department of GMIT Castlebar.

Anne gave a very interesting talk to 4th, 5th and 6th class on the role of an engineer and the different types of engineers out there. She first introduced herself as a structural engineer and told us about her role as an engineer and her work in GMIT. She then followed with a very interesting animated video about where we encounter the work of an engineer in our daily lives from the moment we wake up to going to bed at night. It was amazing all the little things we take for granted and how different our lives would be if they had not been engineered.

Someone had to engineer the home we live in, how we get running water, the toothpaste we use to keep our teeth healthy and clean, the machines to make the books that we learn from and the wonderful technology our school is lucky to be able to use such as the IWB, laptops, cameras and the various software we use to the engineering in making a simple cup of tea! In this video it also explained briefly about the different types of engineers such as mechanical, civil, chemical, structural, electrical, aeronautical and computer engineers to name but a few. Anne used the example of an aeroplane and how many different engineers work on such a project to get it to the product we see and travel on.

At the end, Anne asked us if we had any questions about an engineer and there was a great response. Some questions were related to where inventions would lead to in the future.
Would robots be used in all aspects of life? Will we have driverless cars? Will fusion energy become the way of the future? The talk sparked huge interest and debate and I have no doubt there are many future engineers in our school!!

Students of the Week Friday March 10th

We had a wonderful assembly this afternoon learning of our latest students of the week. What a busy week this was!

Our teachers praised our students for their hard work with the many projects that are ongoing throughout the school. We had so many great examples of the children working positively together at a very busy time of the school year. Our younger students all really enjoyed the experience of participating in the Féile Scoldramaíochta, while their was great teamwork in evidence with Engineers Week, Green School Programme,Junior Entrepreneur project and with the girls who played their hearts out in their Cumann na mBunscol Mini 7’s Quarter Final.

Another feature of this afternoon’s assembly was hearing of children achieving with a task that they found difficult. It shows that their hard work will pay off, if they persevere. Children learn by example and the praise we heard today was a great example for all of our students. We concluded by learning of lovely acts of kindness in class and in yard, these students are showing great leadership and setting a wonderful example for their peers. Maith sibh!

Another busy week awaits. We have Seachtain na nGaeilge, Week 3 of Swimming and St.Patrick’s Day Parade on Friday. Lots to look forward to!

Bainigí taitneamh as an deireadh seachtaine!

Engineers Week Projects

Well done to all our students who presented wonderful Engineering Week projects at assembly earlier.

We had examples from a wide variety of categories from lego to transport through the ages through to the modern wonders of the world. We were both amazed and delighted with the children’s efforts, really fantastic end results.

Well done, we’re sure we will have many talented engineers here in St.Attracta’s in the future.

Maith sibh go leir!

Engineers Week Visit to Swinford Library: Engineering Through The Ages

This afternoon, Fifth and Sixth class had a lovely trip to Swinford Library as part of Engineer’s Week.
The children enjoyed a workshop entitled Engineering through the Ages. They learned of the evolution of engineering in order to make things easier for people to work, from the use of the horse to plough, wheelbarrow, tractor and JCB.
The students then learned how marbles helped people move things in earliest times, and how engineering developed hugely during the construction of the Pyramids in Ancient Egypt.
The children also learned how arches and bridges became more prevalent during the Roman Age and how they reinforce the building put together and how this evolved to the use of thrusses in many buildings today.
The Industrial Revolution began the era of the internal combustion engine leading to the making of the first car using liquid and eventually fuel to power and move the wheels.
The children has a very enjoyable trip. We thank Swinford Library for facilitating the exhibition and the children for being so engaged and well behaved.

Cumann na mBunscol County Quarter Final

Commiserations to our Girls team who were defeated in their County Mini 7’s Quarter Final against Midfield NS earlier after extra time.

The game ebbed and flowed all through with little to separate the sides. Our girls can be very proud of their performance and the never say die attitude they displayed all through. Each of our panel members gave their all and on another day could easily have come out on top.

Well done and thank you to Midfield for a fantastic and sporting game. We wish them well as they progress to the County Semi Final.