Students of the Week Friday March 29th

As we gathered in assembly to award our pupils of the week we were once again reminded that there are students who could get this award every day of every week, such is their level of caring and kindness towards others and their conscientious attitude to their class work.

Today we learned of children who are continuously positive. They refuse, in spite of obstacles, to be anything but optimistic in their outlook. We also heard of pupils who have tried so hard to keep the rules and even though they aren’t getting it right all the time they are doing their best and are making huge improvements. We could not ask any more of our pupils. Others have made significant progress throughout this year and their teachers have really enjoyed tracking this.

To see how our students interact with each other and observe the level of respect they have for each other and our school is so rewarding for us as teachers. Maith sibh go léir!

Assembly Friday March 22nd 2019

Todays assembly was a little different in that as a result of our short week we hadn’t our usual ‘Students of the Week’. However there was still lots to celebrate. In particular, congratulating Fifth Class who today completed their Weaving Well-Being programme ‘Positive Relationships’.

This has been a great success introducing the children to proven relatable strategies to strengthen positive relationships on a daily basis. The feedback from our students has been extremely positive, enjoying the transferrable skills into their daily lives.

The students gave a lovely presentation about their learning and the project followed by a beautiful rendition of ‘This is Me’ . All our students really enjoyed it. Well done to Ms.Munnelly for her vision and belief in this project and we thank her for all her hard work.

Assembly concluded with a special presentation to Síofra McGuinness of her ‘Aisteoir is Fearr’ award from the recent Féile Scoildramaíochta Chonnachta. This is a very special award to receive. We are so proud of Síofra and indeed all our students who took part in this years Féile Dramaíochta competition. Maith sibh go léir.

Another extremely busy weeks awaits our students next week, in particular for our senior students who represent us in the FAI 5’s on Thursday and Friday next.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Daltaí Na Seachtaine 15ú Márta

Um seachtain ar scoil chuir muid béim ar labhairt ghaeilge. De réir sin, bhí Gaeilgóir Na Seachtaine againne in aghaidh Dalta Na Seachtaine! Mar is gnáth, níor lig siad síos muid.

Bhí neart gaeilge líofa le chloisteál timpeall na háite, agus ba chóir go mbéadh. Fuair na páistí an-mholadh ón móltóir féile drámaíocht an seachtain seo chaite i nGaillimh, mar tá gaeilge álainn acu. Mar a deirtear, tír gan teanga, tír gan anam. Má tá gaeilge agat, labhair í.

This week in school we placed great emphasis on speaking Irish as part of our Seachtain na Gaeilge celebrations as a result we had Gaeilgóir na Seachtaine in place of Student of the Week. As always our students didn’t disappoint or let us down.

We heard lots of beautiful Irish throughout the school and why wouldnt we! The children standards have received great praise of late particularly from the judges this week at the Féile Dramaíochta. Maith sibh!

If you have gaeilge, use it!

We look forward to seeing you all at our St.Patrick’s Day Parade, bainigí taitneamh as an deireadh seachtaine!

Féile Scoildramaíochta: Féile Chonnacht

News of the results of the Féile Scoldramaíochta Chonnachta has come through to us this evening in which Ranganna 1,3/4 and 5 participated in this week.

Unfortunately on this occasion none of three plays have progressed to the All Ireland Finals. However, a special well done to Ms.Delaney’s First Class, Ms.Henry’ s Third and Fourth Class and Ms.McDonagh’s Fifth Class. While they may not have progressed we are so proud of each of them and their performance on Tuesday last. Maith sibh!

Despite this disappointment, some good news reached us as we learned that Síofra McGuinness was awarded the overall Best Actress. “Aisteoir is Fearr (cailín)” ar Shíofra McGuinness as Scoil Naomh Athrachta, Baile Chathail a rinne páirt an Phíobaire sa dráma “Píobaire Hamelin.”

This is a fantastic achievement as there was over thirty plays on stage over the past week. Maith thú Síofra we are very proud of you.

World Book Day 2019

As always here in St.Attracta’s we cannot over emphasise the importance of reading to children. It opens an entire world of opportunities and experiences for them and adds to their quality interactions with us as parents. It is so important for children to have access to books and to be encouraged to read and develop this hobby. We are also reminded that not all children are as lucky as us having a library on their doorstep. As children we can all remember the excitement of getting a new book or the latest Bunty, Beano or Shoot! Or the inevitable scramble for the funny pages in the weekend newspaper! That sense of excitement and fun is what we want to instil in our children as they develop their reading skills. 

Lots of information, resources and book recommendations can be found online at

We enjoyed our rearranged World Book Day celebrations earlier in school. Some children brought their favourite books to school and others dressed up. We were amazed at the thought and effort that went into the portrayal of characters from reading books in our school today. It was so interesting to see the books that are so popular with our children at the moment and we were delighted to see some of our own personal favourites making an appearance! The children were proud to present themselves and tell us who they were and what book they were from. A huge thank you to our parents for helping them with their portrayal.

We are reminded of a quote that used to hang on our walls here in school.

It read “You may have tangible wealth untold, caskets of jewels and coffers of gold, but richer than I you can never be….for I had a parent who read to me”.

Engineering Week 2019

We had a lovely end to a very busy week with the return of Mayo Star and Engineering Ireland ambassador Tom Parsons to our school.

Tom gave a wonderful presentation about engineering and how it touches and make a difference to all aspects of our lives.

Tom is a wonderful role model and imparted great advice to all the children. Tom spoke of the importance of the key skills of problem solving, team work, appreciation of each others talents and hard work.

He enjoyed learning of the great work that is ongoing in our classrooms before participating in various engineering challenges with our students.

It was a pleasure to welcome Tom back to us again. As always he was very generous with his time,. We thank Tom sincerely for his visit and in particular his interest in meeting all our students. Míle buíochas Tom.

Finally, a very special word of thanks to all our students for all their hard work in preparation for todays event and in particular to Ms.Ruane and Mr Clarke who organised this special afternoon. It was as was mentioned a lovely way to conclude our week.

Great leaps: Does the length of our legs determine the height of our jumps?

Congratulations to the students of 5th and 6th Class who earlier displayed their excellent project ‘Great leaps: Does the length of your legs determine how high you can jump?’ at the Science Blast in the RDS Dublin

The project explored biomechanics and the science behind it. It looked at jumping in particular, how we can classify jumps and measure them effectively. It involved collectively engaging in/with a variety of scientific skills before establishing very interesting findings.

This was a real team effort, all of the students played a huge part in the success of the project, not alone in preparation but also in the confident manner they presented their work today. The children received many compliments and impressed the judges from whom they received wonderful feedback. They were rewarded with a beautiful trophy for their efforts.

We are so proud of each and every one of these students and indeed all our students throughout the school. They have set a wonderful example for all our younger students and proved that with hard work, determination, enthusiasm and confidence in their own abilities anything is possible.

We look forward to what the rest of the school year brings ….!

To conclude a special word of thanks to Ms.McDonagh and Mr.Rushe for all their hard work with Rang a Cúig agus a Sé with this project. We sincerely appreciate their continued hard work, talent and interest.

Finally thank you also to Ms.Durkan and Ms.Fitzgibbon for their support today and in the lead up to today’s exhibition. 5th and 6th Class were delighted that you were with them in Dublin!

Science Blast: Ádh mór ar phaistí Rang a Cúig agus a Sé

Best wishes to Ms McDonagh’s and Mr.Rushe’s Fifth and Sixth Class who tomorrow present their fantastic project ‘Does the length of your legs determine the height you can jump?’ at the Primary Science Blast in the RDS Dublin.

Our students have worked so hard preparing for this day. We are all so proud of their efforts and are certain they will enjoy their day.

A huge thank you to Ms.McDonagh and Mr.Rushe for all their interest and hard work with this project, we very much appreciate this.

Bainigí taitneamh as!

Good luck Ella!

Best wishes to our past pupil and Charlestown Ladies GAA star Ella Brennan who tomorrow night starts with the Mayo Ladies against Galway in the National League.

We are all so proud of Ella here in St.Attracta’s! Maith thú Ella!