Students of the Week Friday May 10th

Today in assembly we recounted all the different activities we experienced for Active Schools Week. Just like everyone has different tastes in food, everyone enjoys different activities to stay active and healthy. It was great to have had such a variety to experience this week. Our teachers today talked about our positivity and our pride in taking part and helping and encouraging others during tasks. They talked about children who were helpful to those who weren’t finding the task as easy as them and were encouraging and thoughtful of their feelings. 

Our pupils were described as hardworking, diligent and conscientious. They worked well in their class settings but also when mixed. We are so proud. We heard of pupils applying themselves to any task set before them, focused on their work while still paying attention to how others are feeling around them. Our teachers spoke of children who have adapted to changes and are open to trying new things as a result. Maith sibh go léir.

Finally very best wishes to the students of Fifth and Sixth Class who on Sunday next make their Confirmation. We hope each of you and your families enjoy this very special day.

Bebras National Finals: Good Luck Darragh and Kate!

Best wishes to Kate and Darragh who tomorrow represent our school at the The Irish Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge National Final at NUI Maynooth.

This is an outstanding achievement to have reached the national finals and we are so proud of both of the students in our school to have been shortlisted.

The Bebras® Computing Challenge introduces computational thinking to students, by allowing them to solve interactive tasks online. It is run in over 40 countries and takes place every November. The tasks can be answered without prior knowledge about computational thinking or information and communication technology. The aim of Bebras is to get students all over the world excited about computing.

Well done and thank you to Mr.Clarke and all our teachers who have supported and promoted the challenge in our school. Ádh mór!

Students of the Week Friday May 3rd

We had a wonderful first assembly of the Summer term and presentation of our latest students of the week. Firstly we received the great news that our latest renewal for the Green Flag has been successful and we have been awarded our eight Green Flag. We also reflected on our trip to Dublin earlier this week and our Mission Possible award. This really was a special day and an award which all our students should be very proud of.

Next week is ‘Active School’s Week’. As always we spoke of the importance of being active, having a health lifestyles and learning to enjoy different activities and sports. Most importantly we focused on enjoyable participation and learning to work and play with others. Please note the children can wear their tracksuits throughout the week.

Our teachers this week praised students for settling down and getting straight back to work on their return to school. Some expressed their delight at the maturity and level of common sense on display this week. It is always a pleasure to hear of children achieving with a task that they found difficult. It shows that their hard work will pay off, if they persevere. Children learn by example and the praise we heard today was a great example for all of our students.

Congratulations to those awarded Student of the Week. Keep up this great work!

Dates for your Diary for the coming week.

Monday: Reminder on Monday next we will close for the May Bank Holiday.

Finally best of luck to our 5th and 6th Class students who prepare next week for their confirmation on Saturday 12th. We wish each of our students and their families well and hope they enjoy this very special day.

Bainigí taitneamh as an deireadh seachtaine!