Students of the Week Friday November 29th

The excitement and anticipation of the toy show was palpable in school on Friday afternoon as our children have been busy getting their roles and participating in early rehearsals for Christmas plays.

Despite this excitement, as always, we were delighted with the lovely comments from teachers on the hard work and great attitude displayed by children in all classrooms. Our students of the week earned their accolades due to continued efforts in areas of difficulty, being super role models to younger students, compassionate toward others and constant enthusiasm in class. We heard of students who are consistently diligent and always well mannered and also of students who continuously go the extra mile. Maith sibh a phaistí.

Dates for your Diaries.

Christmas Carol Service.

The Parish Christmas Carol Service will take place on Tuesday evening December 10th at 7 p.m. in St. James’ Church. All are invited to attend.

Arrangements for our Christmas Concert.

Our annual Christmas Concert will take place on Wednesday December 18th at 7 the CBD Complex. Further details will follow. As always, we look forward to one of the highlights of our school year.

Changes to School Calendar

We will have a school closure for Teacher Induction/CPD to assist with the implementation of the new Primary Language Curriculum on Wednesday January 15th 2020. All teaching staff must attend in-service on this date.

Bainigí taitneamh as an deireadh seachtaine!

Students of the Week Friday November 22nd

Today we remembered our first assembly in September while looking at all the faces in front of us, and we are reminded of of the progress that has been made by each child as they anxiously await the announcement of the student of the week. 

As always we learned of students who consistently put themselves forward week on week. We always appreciate this effort and acknowledge this hard work. We heard of pupils who have made a huge effort to help others who they see having difficulty with a task. We listened to descriptions of both the collective and individual effort that is put into making days more enjoyable for others. We impact on each other’s lives as a community here in St.Attractas’s and it is important to make that impact positive.

Our teachers spoke of children who did not always find things easy but who are now able to do the task that was so hard at the beginning. At this time of the year we see how are children are becoming more independent and that is our aim. We help, we motivate and we nurture this independence, and we are thrilled when we can see it manifest. We were reminded by our teachers that small differences made over a period of time makes a big change. We know from our discussions in parent teacher meetings in recent weeks, that you are also seeing these subtle changes at home. 

Maith sibh go léir. Have a great weekend.

Dates for your Diaries:

Monday November 25th Antoinette Moynahan, Sr.Mary Richardson and Marion Maloney Diocesan Advisors will visit our school.
Tuesday November 26th:
Internet Safety Day in School. Workshops for the students of First/Second,Third/Fourth,Fifth/Sixth, Staff and Parents.The parents workshops begins at 7.30pm. We cannot stress the importance of a full attendance and look forward to seeing you all on the night.

Finally best wishes to the Charlestown Sarsfields U21’s this weekend in their County U21 Final. Ádh mór lads!

Christmas Shoebox Appeal : Míle buíochas

A very special thank you to all our parents/guardians for the wonderful response to the Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal. An incredible 114 Shoeboxes were returned.

The children who receive the shoeboxes are affected by poverty in different ways. Many come from families with very little income, others live on the margins of society or in areas affected by conflict. Shoeboxes are given based on need alone and bring joy and excitement to children living in often very difficult situations.

We are very thankful for you generosity and continued support of this wonderful project. A sincere thank you to also to Mrs Reilly who coordinated the project.

Cyber Bullying and Internet Safety Talk for Parents

On Tuesday of next week November 26th we are very pleased to host Internet Safety workshops here in school:
1st – 6th Class pupils during the school day, our staff after school and a talk on Cyber Bullying and Internet Safety for Parents at 7.30pm.

Talk for Parents Overview

In today’s technology-rich environment most of us feel woefully inadequate when it comes to knowing what our children are really experiencing when they use the internet. This is normal and to be expected. However, as parents we have a fundamental duty of care for our children, and unfortunately that means getting a grasp of the things that our children are experiencing online.

Jeremy Pagden, the Managing Director of Schools Websites, will deliver the talk. Jeremy has been travelling all over the country delivering Internet Safety talks to both Parents and children alike. The topics covered during the session are as follows:

· Cyber bullying

· Social Media & The Law

· Gaming and Internet Addiction

· Fortnite & Gamification

· Social Media Privacy, Issues & Challenges

· The motivation behind large Social Media Companies

· Types of Internet Theft

· Browser History

· Safe use of apps

· Safe Searching on You Tube

· Safety settings on your home Wifi

· Useful Resources

We cannot stress the importance of this presentation and very much look forward to seeing you all on the night.

Students of the Week Friday November 15th

We had a lovely end to a very busy week on Friday when at our weekly assembly we as teachers were reminded of all that we should be grateful for. We are privileged to work with so many students who are great examples of all that we aspire to be. Every week it is difficult for us to pick out just one pupil as so many of them show maturity and kindness in their everyday school lives.

We learned of pupils who have been trying so hard to accomplish things that they find difficult. However, for many this hard work and determination is paying off. We were also reminded that even when we are not at our best we can make an effort to push ourselves a little further to achieve our goals. We were told of pupils who daily show care and consideration for others and are always trying to help others out and make things easier for the class and their teacher. 

So much to be proud of. Maith sibh go léir!

We hope you all had a lovely weekend

Ms.Henry’s Class Visit the Linenhall Arts Centre

Ms. Henry’s 4th and 5th Class attended a wonderful art exhibition yesterday in the Linenhall Arts Centre in Castlebar by the artist Vanya Lambrecht Ward. The exhibition explored the art of paper folding from simple to more complex structures and varied in size and shape. The exhibition explored the transition between 2D and 3D shapes and were both aesthetically pleasing and intriguing.

The children were allowed look at the exhibit and the facilitators Elisa, Isaac and Daniel then asked questions of the children about what they thought the structures looked like or made them think of. This was an interesting part of the exhibition as the answers given were very creative. The children were complemented on their curiosity and wonderful enthusiasm.
Following the exhibition, the children took part in an excellent hands on workshop in paper folding. They made colourful snakes, finger puppets, dogs and various other paper structures which the children were very proud of, and so they should have been, they were beautiful. The excitement, engagement and overall enjoyment in this activity was clearly seen by all the children.

Students of the Week Friday November 8th

It was back to reality this week with all classes settling very well to work after their mid term break. At assembly we lived up to the motto to be the best that we can be. We learned of students who are in contention each week, with their hard work and attention to detail before hearing of others who are improving in areas that have in the past presented a difficulty and performing random acts of kindness .
This is a wonderful to hear and it is a great example to us all that it is easy to do something for somebody else, simply because it’s a nice thing to do. We heard of children who have been working on particular areas of improvement. Things that are easy for some are much more difficult for others.
We are delighted to award children for their efforts to improve. We are always proud of our children here, but it always adds to our appreciation of them when we hear that they are being kind, generous and happy in their everyday lives in school.

Maith sibh go léir. Táimid fíor bhródúil asaibh.

Dates for your Diaries:

On Wednesday and Thursday next November 13th/14th we will have our Parent Teacher Meetings. For the students of 1st to 6th Class , school will end at the earlier time of 2.45pm on both of these evenings.

Have a great weekend everyone!