Energy and Global-citizenship

Our school has a long history with the Green Schools Programme. We are currently working on our seventh flag- Energy and Global citizenship. As such our pupils are learning lots in school about energy and how to conserve it. They are also learning how to become a good global citizen. As part of our work this year we have also concentrated on making our pupils informed citizens on climate change. They are learning about what it is and how it affects us and indeed the whole world.

We hope your child enjoys being part of the programme and working towards a ‘greener’, more sustainable world! As our Green  Code states ‘We’ve got the whole world in our hands so let’s take care of it.’

Please find below some energy saving tips for implementing at home. (SEAI)

•      Lowering your room temperature by one degree will save 10% on the heating bill.

•      Turn off radiators in rooms not in use.

•      Run dishwasher/washing machines on a lower setting to save energy.

•      Only switch on lights when necessary-make maximum use of daylight.

•      Turn off the lights when leaving a room

•      Close doors to keep heat in

•      Don’t boil full kettles for one cup of tea

•      Close curtains to keep the heat in but open to let the sun in.

•      Use a clothes horse or washing line where possible.

•      Showers use less energy than baths.