13 Feb

On Thursday Feb 12th the children of 4th, 5th & 6th attended a Magical Science Show in GMIT Castlebar. This show was a wonderful opportunity for the children to experience the wonder of science and all its wonder. A number of children were chosen as volunteers to take an active part in the science experiments. There were loud bangs, weird smells and lots of smoke to add to the amazing show. Children got to see how many household items can be used in science experiments and also how science helps us to do amny tasks on a daily basis.
We learned about gravity and how it helps us stay on the ground and not float off into space. We look at balance and how we all like to feel safe and secure. We took part in an experiment involving magnets and looked at the strength of various types.
We experimented with water and its properties. We also look at how gas is all around us. It even come out of us at both ends !!! The children particularly enjoyed an experiment involving Peppa Pig and it showed that all animals produce methane gas! Now that was interesting.
We hope that this show will help our children to get involved in science and become the scientists of the future.
The main points were to enjoy science but to always be safe, use protective clothing/goggles when doing experiment’s and finally to always seek permission from a parent or guardian.