10 May

This morning we hosted our European Day here in St. Attracta’s as part of our Blue Star programme.
The Blue Star programme aims to foster a better understanding and knowledge of the European Union and how it affects the lives of Irish citizens among Irish primary pupils through classroom projects and activities. It aims to introduce participants to the EU – what it means and how it works.
It also aims to foster a strong sense of the EU among us all that reaches far beyond the school walls and out into the wider community.

As part of the morning activities we were delighted to welcome both Matt Carthy MEP to our school. It was so kind of Matt to take time out of his busy schedule to come to speak with the children and our parents at our showcase in the school hall.

As alluded to, our morning began with question and answers with our 6th Class. We discussed the importance of Europe, what it means to be part of the EU, how the EU functions and the workings of the European parliament and council in Brussels. We also found out about the life of an MEP.

Matt then viewed the projects through the corridors and the hall in particular was thrilled to learn how much our Infants knew about Spain and the UK, amazed with the many facts and pieces of information that were on the tips of their tongues.

Our guest moved to the hall where he was joined by our parents/family members to view the wonderful projects that were on display. All our students confidently showcased their work, answering questions and displaying their knowledge of the member states, famous European citizens, and famous European landmarks, the languages of the member states, a timeline of key dates in European history and the flags of the member states.

Also on display was a wonderful project from all our Polish students who supplemented their wonderful work with beautiful treats and foods for us all to taste and enjoy. It was such a lovely experience for us all to sample the traditional foods of our Polish families who went to great trouble in preparation for this morning. We really appreciate this effort and hard work.

As always this event would not have happened without the very hard work of our pupils. In particular, a very special mention to Ms.Henry’s 5th Class who are leading the project in our school. We feel the hall/corridors really looked amazing and that is very much down to our students hard work and effort. A huge thank you also, to our teachers. The fruits of their labour were very much in evidence today.

Finally thank you to all those who supported, attended and helped in any small way, we were delighted with how our European Celebration went today!