19 Jun

This morning, the students from First and Second class departed full of excitement for Achill Island. The beautiful journey included passing though the towns of Castlebar, Newport, and Mulranny before arriving on the island of Achill at approx. 10.45am.

We got a wonderful welcome from Elaine at the Achill Island aquarium and were split into two groups. First class began at the aquarium, while Second class did a lovely craft workshop with Ryan. The craft lesson included drawing a fish tank and making a lobster. Beautiful work was done from all the children. Second class were then welcomed into the Aquarium, where they were enthralled by their tour guide Tom. Tom explained about a huge number of fish, including piranhas, baby sharks, lobsters, clams, starfish and squid. The children really enjoyed examining all the fish at close quarters and all the unique features of each fish.

After the visit to the aquarium the children visited the gift shop before sitting down for their hot food. Following this, we took a trip to Keel beach where we enjoyed a paddle in the nice cold freshwater and some fun on the beach. The cliffs of Minaun provided a very beautiful, picturesque backdrop for us.

We then departed for home tired, after a great day of fun and enjoyment.