FÍS is a successful film project currently thriving in primary schools across Ireland. The initiative encourages children to explore the medium of film in the primary classroom developing essential skills in moving-image literacy, communication, teamwork, visual arts and even numeracy … oh yes, and it’s also lots of fun!!

Last year, our school relished the opportunity to become involved with such a wonderful initiative, allowing us to bring the curriculum to life and explore drama and technology in a fun and accessible way. The education of children in a holistic manner is of paramount importance here in St. Attracta’s NS, and finding the individual’s strengths in writing, acting, editing, score choice and production enhance classroom inclusion, diversity and foster confidence in our students.

The project has succeeded in helping children to develop essential skills in moving-image literacy, communication and teamwork. Teachers agree that the children develop additional skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, investigation and analysis. Both teachers and children find the experience enriching and rewarding.

Developing ICT skills has become an integral part of 21st century life and FÍS Film Project facilitates this advancement in so many ways. We look forward to many more movie-making learning experiences.