28 Jun

Yesterday, Thursday was a momentous day in St. Attracta’s, where we saw the the passing of students from one class to the next, and some onto new schools!

Our graduation ceremonies revealed the talents and skills of all of our pupils, through the fantastic displays of drama, poetry, music and song on our school hall stage. A special word of thanks must go to our teachers for all their hard work in preparation.

From Sonas/ Spraoi / Sásta / Infants up to Sixth Class, we were delighted to see everyone participating and performing poetry and song. It really was a lovely end to the school year.

All of the children were presented with Certificates of Completion upon their transition to their new classes. We were very impressed with the hard work that every child has put in this year and hope to see them all back working hard after their Summer break!

Finally last evening, we had our 6th Class Graduation Mass. It was a very special evening for everyone involved. Fr. Johnston and Fr. Doherty concelebrated the mass in the open air outside and we had great attendance from family, friends and staff members. The theme of the mass was gratitude and hope, both very appropriate in giving thanks for the children’s time in St. Attracta’s and instilling hope in them for their future successes in Secondary School.

It was a lovely evening and a fitting end to a wonderful year. The 6th Class students have been fantastic representatives of our school, we wish them every success in the future. They will always be part of the St. Attracta’s family!

Finally thank you to Joe for all his support with the sound system, it really added to our day.