06 Mar

Congratulations to the students of 5th and 6th Class who earlier displayed their excellent project ‘Great leaps: Does the length of your legs determine how high you can jump?’ at the Science Blast in the RDS Dublin

The project explored biomechanics and the science behind it. It looked at jumping in particular, how we can classify jumps and measure them effectively. It involved collectively engaging in/with a variety of scientific skills before establishing very interesting findings.

This was a real team effort, all of the students played a huge part in the success of the project, not alone in preparation but also in the confident manner they presented their work today. The children received many compliments and impressed the judges from whom they received wonderful feedback. They were rewarded with a beautiful trophy for their efforts.

We are so proud of each and every one of these students and indeed all our students throughout the school. They have set a wonderful example for all our younger students and proved that with hard work, determination, enthusiasm and confidence in their own abilities anything is possible.

We look forward to what the rest of the school year brings ….!

To conclude a special word of thanks to Ms.McDonagh and Mr.Rushe for all their hard work with Rang a Cúig agus a Sé with this project. We sincerely appreciate their continued hard work, talent and interest.

Finally thank you also to Ms.Durkan and Ms.Fitzgibbon for their support today and in the lead up to today’s exhibition. 5th and 6th Class were delighted that you were with them in Dublin!