Parents in our school

Parents are a huge part of our team.

We welcome parents into our school to help us out and see all the great work that their children are doing with their teachers.Teachers give workshops for parents at various times of the year in all aspects of the curriculum so they can help their children at home.

We welcome all parents to contribute to our lessons so If you have a special talent that you’re willing to share, please get in touch.

Another important side to parental involvement in our school is within the running of the school. Parents are involved with our Boad of Management. They have they have important functions such as policy development and make any important decisions that effect our school. We are also fortunate to have an excellent parents’ association.This group of parents not only help out with fundraising and awareness campaigns but also organise brilliant fun days and fundraisers for the school. This year alone, parents have run several amazing events – for example – our Halloween party and helped out also with our Christmas concert.

Many will also have a very active role in recent years in our major fundraiser this year ‘The Mayor of Charlestown’.

We are really grateful for the time and effort they give to the school!

If you are interested in getting involved please contact us we are always delighted to have new faces and talents on board!