Our school is named after St.Attracta but do you know anything about her?

St.Attracta was born in Sligo in the 6th century . She came from a nobel and well off family . When she decided to become a nun her family did not approve. However, she was so determined that she ran away from home.

St.Attracta took her vows from St.Patrick at Coolavin .She established a convent in Killaraght close to Lough Gara and became very famous as a great healer. She worked many miracles.Her convents were always famous for hospatality and charity to the poor.

There are many places named after her in our Diocese of Achonry. ,There is a well in Monasteraden and schools in Charlestown and Tubbercurry.(Charlestown National School and Tubbercurry Secondary School),there is also a church in Kilmactuige.

St. Attracta died in the 6th Century. Her feast day is on August 12th. She is the patron Saint of Tourlestrane and co. patron of the Achonry Diocese.

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