28 Jun

Our annual Storybox competition winner was announced yesterday at our outdoor assembly to great expectation of all that had entered. The Helena McDonagh Writing Competition is a favourite in our student’s calendar.

Mrs. McDonagh taught here in St. Attracta’s for many years before retiring in 2003. As a published author herself, Helena presented the school with a perpetual trophy to be used for creative writing purposes as we saw fit. And so our storybox began. 

Ms. Connaghan who adjudicates the competition every year was highly impressed with the number and calibre of the entries.

This year’s story winner was Mia Durkin for her story entitled “The Farmyard Firefighters”. Mia read her winning entry with pride to the gathered assembly.Mia is a great example to our younger pupils of never giving up having come close on a number of occasions.

Well done to Mia for never giving up and to all our wonderful pupils who entered this years competition. Maith sibh go léir

The Farmyard Firefighters

By Mia Durkin, Fifth Class

It was a lovely bright sunny day on the Durkin farm in Co. Mayo. The Durkins were a family of four who loved animals. Kevin and Aileen had two girls who loved looking after the new-borns in spring. Aileen mostly took care of the horses and chickens and Kevin took care of the cows and pigs.

Kevin was about to get on his tractor to go and get some hay for the horses, Aileen was going to feed the pigs and the two girls were playing with the chickens, when he noticed a funny noise coming from the diesel tank in the tractor but he thought nothing of it because Angie, the family tractor was very old. So he just got on with getting the hay. While he was on his way to the hay shed the noise started getting louder and louder and Kevin was getting worried.

He finally got to the shed and grabbed the hay, on his way back the tractor started picking up pace but Kevin was still in control it was very strange for the tractor to being doing this, Kevin looked back to check if the hay was still there when he saw instead of seeing the hay he saw a fire!

Kevin couldn’t believe his eyes the tractor must have been going too fast, it must have caught fire and also reached the hay. The fire was engulfing the hay and it grew and grew, Kevin didn’t know what to do so he quickly jumped out of the tractor before he got burned because the fire was now eating up the tractor too! Kevin shouted for help. By the time Aileen and the girls had come the fire was nearly at the farmyard where the animals were. They needed to get the animals out and fast, they all ran down to the yard.

When the family reached the animals it looked like they already knew there was a fire because, Tina and Tom the horses, Peppa, Pippa, Peter, Patsy, the fourteen piglets all the fifty six cows except lazy Larry and grumpy Garry and the fifteen chickens including Chickaletta and Chickapoo all had water buckets on their backs, beaks, snouts, and hooves! It was like they had a human mind because they all raced towards the fire and started pouring water on the beastly thing. The animals had system going where the horses would gallop back with the chickens on their backs and would refill the water buckets while the cows would use their drool to try tame it, and the pigs would just lay down and have a little nap and be lazy!

After a few hours the animals had put the fire out! It truly was amazing! The family never took the animals for granted ever again. The farm may not have been the best but the animals certainly were!!

The End