18 May

At our weekly assembly this afternoon teachers related their pleasure at seeing children take on new responsibilities and challenges in life with great enthusiasm. We heard of pupils who put the same level of energy onto anything that’s asked of them, not just the tasks they enjoy.

We were told of pupils who are now displaying high levels of maturity and common sense when dealing with small problems encountered in the classroom environment and in life in general. It is heartening for our teachers to see pupils developing their independence. This week, pupils were described as caring and considerate for all those around them. We heard about pupils who are working consistently hard on their class work and homework.
We heard of pupils who show care and consideration for others and are always trying to help others out and make things easier for the class and their teacher. We were reminded that we always need to challenge and push ourselves to be the best that we can be.
Finally we learned of those who consistently set a wonderful example for others inside of and outside of their rooms. Maith sibh! The praise bestowed on the winners this week was heartening for all of us listening. Well done to all this week’s winners.

Finally a reminder that on Friday next, May 25th, school will be closed as it has been requisitioned as a polling centre for Eight Amendment Referendum.

Have a lovely weekend!