01 Feb

We had a very special assembly this morning as we celebrated the conclusion to Catholic School Week. Fr Johnston joined us and led a beautiful prayer service in which many of our students participated. As always, we thank Fr Johnston for his support and continued interest in our school.

Assembly followed where we focused on a theme that rings true with us all. We can only do our best and as a result should always try to do our best. Nobody is perfect and we learned that many of our children are working hard to do their best everyday.I can’t is no longer on our minds but I can!

In recent week’s all our students have been making a huge effort with handwriting. Well done to all who were selected in our handwriting competition and to those who have made a huge effort in recent weeks.

Teachers also told us of children who are trying so hard to improve in their classrooms and with their school work. We heard about children who take great responsibility and pride in their excellent behaviour. It’s a very mature attitude to see displayed in our school. As always teachers told us that it’s always a difficult decision to come to each week as so children are very achievers and in contention.

Another very pleasing aspect of todays assembly was hearing of children who have made huge efforts in being a very good team member in their respective classrooms. Collaboration is so important and these students have worked so hard with others to produce excellent work with their peers.

Maith sibh go léir. Táimid fíor bhródúil asaibh.

Dates for your Diary for the coming week.

Tuesday February 5th There will be a Parent’s Association meeting at 8pm here in school.

Wednesday February 6th Cumann na mBunscol Sport’s Quiz in Carracastle Community Centre at 6pm. Best of luck again to all participating.

Friday February 8th Enrolment Afternoon for our new Junior Infant Class 19/20 at 2pm.

Bainigí taitneamh as an deireadh seachtaine!