08 Mar

Today in assembly we were amazed by all that is happening in our school in the different classes. From science experiments, to engineers’ week to drama, we are always busy and learning new skills. Assembly is a lovely time where we gather and hear about the learning that is going on in all the classes. Our teachers today talked about our positivity and our pride in our work and presentation. They talked about children who represent our school so well at outside events and show their pride in their work and performance. 

Our pupils were described as hardworking, diligent and conscientious. To have any of these attributes is fabulous, but to hear all three being used is amazing. We are so proud. We heard of pupils applying themselves to any task set before them, focused on their work while still paying attention to how others are feeling around them. Our teachers spoke of children who have adapted to change easily and readily and are open to new things as a result. We have had a number of visitors to the school this week and the manners shown to them has been commented on. It’s a lovely thing to hear being praised in our children. Maith sibh go léir. Have a great weekend.

Finally, well done to our Funky Shoes Poster Competition winners. This competition is part of the ‘Walk in my Shoes’ mental health initiative that compliments the wonderful ‘Weaving Wellbeing’ programme that is rolled out in our middle and senior classrooms. We thank Ms.Munnelly for all her hard work coordinating and promoting this programme.