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Students of the Week Friday May 31st

We are all very aware that we are heading into the final stretch of our school year. We think back to our first assembly in September while looking at all the faces in front of us, and we are acutely aware of the progress that has been made by each and every child that looks up at us, anxiously awaiting the announcement of the student of the week. 

We heard today of pupils who have made a huge effort to help others who they see having difficulty with a task. We heard of the collective effort that classes had put into making days more enjoyable for others. We are reminded that every day counts. Every day as we go about our busy lives in school we have opportunities to impact on the lives of others, and it’s important to make that a positive one.

Our teachers spoke of children who do not always find things easy but who are making an effort every day to do it better. We were reminded by our teachers that small differences made over a period of time makes a big change. So as we finish our testing, we remember that these tests do not define our children. They don’t show their compassion, their gentle nature, their kindness to others, their sense of humour, their willingness to try new things and sometimes fail but try again, their best intentions, their talents and their endless possibilities.

We their teachers and you their parents, see these qualities everyday which is why we are so proud of them. Maith sibh go léir. Have a great weekend!

Dates for your Diary

We are closed Monday June 3rd (Public Holiday) and Tuesday June 4th (School Holiday) as per school calendar

Swimming We are very much looking forward to swimming which begins on Wednesday of next week in Charlestown Swimming Pool. A great start to a very busy month to conclude our school year!

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