08 May


We are into our final stretch of the school year and our students of the week were commended on their development since September.

We heard of pupils who have made huge improvements in maturity and common sense this school year and are very much heading in the right direction. Our teachers pointed out pupils who consistently give their total attention to their work, who strive always to make it the best that they present.

Here in St. Attracta’s, we encourage children to be helpful to others at all times, both towards their teachers and fellow classmates. This was highlighted at assembly today. We also heard of pupils who are always in good humour, helping to create a very pleasant classroom environment.

As always we have pupils who could be given this award every week such is their diligence and attitude in school. These are our children who give example to others and who have over time become role models in our school. Well done everyone. Maith sibh go léir. Táimíd fíor bhródúil asaibh.