16 Nov

  • By Brian McDermott
  • In 18-19
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Today we remembered our first assembly in September while looking at all the faces in front of us, and we are reminded of of the progress that has been made by each child as they anxiously await the announcement of the student of the week. 

As always we learned of students who consistently put themselves forward week on week. We always appreciate this effort and acknowledge this hard work. We heard of pupils who have made a huge effort to help others who they see having difficulty with a task. We listened to descriptions of both the collective and individual effort that is put into making days more enjoyable for others. We impact on each other’s lives as a community here in St. Attractas’s and it is important to make that impact positive.

Our teachers spoke of children who did not always find things easy but who are now able to do the task that was so hard at the beginning. At this time of the year we see how are children are becoming more independent and that is our aim. We help, we motivate and we nurture this independence, and we are thrilled when we can see it manifest. We were reminded by our teachers that small differences made over a period of time makes a big change. We know from our discussions in parent teacher meetings this week, that you are also seeing these subtle changes at home. 

Maith sibh go léir. Have a great weekend.