19 Oct

We had a very positive assembly earlier where we learned about many nice things that happened throughout the past week in and around our school. We learned how many of our students are setting a great example to others and in particular taking great care of them in yard. We were delighted to hear of a student who was particularly nice to a younger student in our school displaying great kindness and care.

Also as this week was Maths week we had a great debate as to how we can find Maths all around us in our lives and received wonderful examples from students in all our classes. We had competitions, trails, presentations and exercises where we problem solved, collaborated, investigated together and revealed the every day importance this subject.

Teachers spoke of the importance of positivity, catching people doing good things and taking time to compliment others! We concluded by learning of students working very hard, sharing, showing patience, always well behaved and in great form! We heard that some students have learned to wait their turn when answering questions and others who in the past loved to talk/chat have become more patient and understanding. Finally our week ended by hearing of a student who this week has displayed a very positive attitude to ‘ Gaeilge, presentation in their copies and handwriting’ . They have made great progress in recent times setting the bar very high in their classroom.An example for all.

Well done to all the students chosen this week, we’re really proud of the great effort you’ve made. Maith sibh!

Dates for your Dairy

Parent Teacher Meetings: On Wednesday November 14th November and Thursday November 15th we will have our Parent Teacher Meetings: Letters will be sent home next week via school bags with dates and times for your meetings. Should the day and time not suit you please inform the class teacher as soon as possible and another appointment can be arranged for you at a time convenient to both parents and teacher.

Reminder: We will be closed for our Mid-Term Break from Monday 29th October to Friday November 2nd. We will re-open at the usual time on Monday November 5th.

Changes to School Calendar

Please note that on Friday next October 26th School will be closed as it has been requisitioned as a polling centre for the Presidential Election. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Have a lovely weekend!