05 Oct

  • By Brian McDermott
  • In 19-20
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Today as we gathered in assembly we listened to our teachers speaking very positively of our students, delighted with another outstanding week in school.

Our students of the week were praised for their attention to detail and the effort that they put into their work. Teachers spoke of children who despite distractions going on around them, worked diligently and got their work finished. Sometimes it is easy to get distracted and go off track, so it is a practiced skill to remain focused. We also heard about students who show great kindness to others in their classrooms, in the corridors and on the yard. We are all different and our children are great ambassadors for embracing our differences and getting along. Our teachers also spoke about the honesty of the children which was lovely to hear.

Tp conclude, Mrs. Colson taught us some more signs this week, please and thank you. We will be making a huge effort to use these daily as Gaeilge agus as Bearla. We are working so hard on our whole school theme ‘A Jouney to Space’ at the moment and our displays of work and learning really are out of this world!!

Maith sibh a pháistí!