22 Jun

Our students have taken part in Speech and Drama lessons this term and yesterday Tuesday was their chance to show off all their hard work in performing for their school friends. Mrs Niland has been fantastic in bringing out the best in all the children with her enthusiasm and fun.

Junior Infants took to the stage first to tell the story of Billy No Buzz and entertained us with their acting and songs. Their story had a very important message about being kind to everyone including those who are different. We saw bees and dragonflies buzzing and flying around the stage and beautiful smiling flowers.

Chicken Licken is a familiar story to all and one that Senior Infants told through narration, drama and song. We heard an array of animal noises as Chicken Licken and her friends made their journey but ended up in Foxy Loxy’s den!

First and Second Class were super in portraying their drama ‘Edwina the Penguin’ and a very important message about the environment and global warming. We thought the stage might fall when the polar bears arrived pounding their feet. As always, the children sang and performed beautifully as a group.

We were taken to the courtroom for Rang a 3’s performance – Goldilocks trial. It was great to see the contrasting sides – the prosecution and defence. The children developed the skill of debating through their roles. The audience got many laughs too especially when Goldilocks was being chased!

Fourth Class went into role to tell us the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. They got the audience involved, tempting to sell us their goods at the market. We all got a fright when we heard the ‘Fee Fi Fo Fum’ . When the children burst into song with ‘Hit the Diff’, the whole hall couldn’t help but join in!!

The senior pupils brought a tear to Mrs. Niland’s eye in their portrayal of the 1916 Rising, a drama very apt for the centenary celebrations. They created the mood of that time so well – the happy and the sad times. Their rendition of ‘Grace’ was very moving also.

It was a fantastic day for all. Mrs. Niland put all the children at ease, encouraging everyone to have fun and try their best. And that they did…what a talented energetic group of children!!