06 May

Comhghairdeachas to 3rd & 4th class who have been very busy learning about “The Island of Saints and Scholars”. As well as learning about the history of our great country they have also worked together to create a model of a monastery from 1500 years ago.

They were divided into two groups and together they created a monastery. The children learned that the most important building was the church/oratory and that the monks slept in small “cells” made from wood, clay and thatch. The round tower was built from stone and it had many functions such as housing the bell, hiding the well and providing protection for both monks and valuables.

The children worked together for 2 weeks to finish the monastery. Each child had an equal say in the development of the project. Thanks to Mrs McCafferty and Joseph, the amazing art skills of the students had a huge part to play in the project. Construction, sketching and painting were all central to its completion.

The children really enjoyed getting the chance to show off their historical knowledge through this artistic project.

Well done to all the very talented boys and girls in Third and Fourth Class and of course Mr.Rushe their teacher, this is a wonderful project, Maith Sibh!