Useful Sites

This section includes lots of links to websites of interest to parents and children, especially those which assist children in their learning. Ths website offers advice and more to Parents and Teachers on how to keep children safe online. We recommend this website.

For information on the National Curriculum for primary schools:

Activities and information for parents and children:

Dept of Education & Skills:

National Parents Council (Primary)

Phonics and Reading Activities:


Songs and stories:

Games and quizzes for all subject areas:

Maths Games for all ages:

For all subject areas:

Destination Maths:

Hugh Lane Art Gallery:

Irish Museum of Modern Art:

National Gallery of Ireland:

Advice for parents on helping their children:

Helping your child with writing:

Keyboard skills (typing):

Fun with animation:

Make your own music:

Lots of word games for all ages:

Fun with Lego:

French Picture Dictonary:

Spanish Picture Dictionary:

English Picture Dictionary: