15 Oct

Today in St. Attracta’s NS we were honoured to welcome Sgt P.J. Maloney and Cpl Desmond Padden to take possession of our flag and proclamation as part of the 2016 Flags for School Initiative. This initiative is central to the State Centenary Programme to remember 1916, to reflect on the Republic 100 years on, and to reimagine our future.

Our children gathered excitedly in the GP room with their homemade flags ready to welcome our esteemed visitors. We enjoyed a short overview of our nations place in history before Sgt Maloney and Cpl Padden explained the origins of our flag and the rules that accompany it. We heard the reasons for it’s colours and were reminded of how to respect our flag. Cpl.Padden then explained the background to our proclamation before we focused on excerpts of it with a particular focus on the children of our nation.

Finally Jake and Emily proudly accepted the Flag and Proclamation Pack on all our behalf. We finished off our ceremony with a very moving playing and singing of Amhrán Na bhFainn. All the children really enjoyed the visit of Sgt Maloney and Cpl Padden and learned so much from it.
We look forward to the upcoming celebrations in the next term.