Brief synopsis of St. Attracta’s N.S. Parents Association Meeting 11th Jan 2017



  • Christmas Concert


This was deemed by all to have been a great success. The turnout for the Tuesday night was excellent and there was a great atmosphere. All the children are to be commended for their performances and thanks to all the staff for their hard work that makes this possible. The total funds raised from both shows and the raffle was €1950.77



  • Clothing Drive


The clothing drive was a success and thanks to all those who donated old clothes. The funds raised from this totalled €310.


  • Invitation to all interested parents from the National Parents Council (NPC)


The NPC are inviting parents interested in representing our school’s parents association onto a number of national special interest groups. The special interest groups are:

  • Parents of children with Special Educational Needs
  • Parents of children from the Migrant Community
  • Parents of children from the Traveller Community
  • Parents of children in a Gaeltacht or Irish Medium School
  • Parents of children of a Minority Religion, and
  • Parents of children who are Non-religious.


If you are interested could you please make contact with a member of the Parents Association by the 31st of January 2017.



  • Afterschool


The Parents Association and the School acknowledge the demand that may exist for an afterschool facility. The School is committed to bringing this on board and will look at it again in the next school year but to date the lack of a suitable space has meant that this has not been possible.



  • Future Fundraising


The Parents Association have more exciting fundraisers planned for the remainder of the school year, more details to follow in due course. Your continued support and involvement in these events is as ever greatly appreciated.



  • Next Meeting


The next Parents Association meeting will take place in the school on Tuesday the 31st of January 2017.  The Parents Association always welcome all parents to join the Meetings and get involved in any of the fundraising activities.