15 Mar

As always here in St.Attracta’s we cannot over emphasise the importance of reading to children. It opens an entire world of opportunities and experiences for them and adds to their quality interactions with us as parents. It is so important for children to have access to books and to be encouraged to read and develop this hobby. We are also reminded that not all children are as lucky as us having a library on their doorstep. As children we can all remember the excitement of getting a new book or the latest Bunty, Beano or Shoot! Or the inevitable scramble for the funny pages in the weekend newspaper! That sense of excitement and fun is what we want to instil in our children as they develop their reading skills. 

Lots of information, resources and book recommendations can be found online at www.worldbookday.com

We enjoyed our rearranged World Book Day celebrations earlier in school. Some children brought their favourite books to school and others dressed up. We were amazed at the thought and effort that went into the portrayal of characters from reading books in our school today. It was so interesting to see the books that are so popular with our children at the moment and we were delighted to see some of our own personal favourites making an appearance! The children were proud to present themselves and tell us who they were and what book they were from. A huge thank you to our parents for helping them with their portrayal.

We are reminded of a quote that used to hang on our walls here in school.

It read “You may have tangible wealth untold, caskets of jewels and coffers of gold, but richer than I you can never be….for I had a parent who read to me”.