17 Jun



For Senior Infants, First and Second Classes our first stop today was ‘Eagle’s Flying’ in Ballymote, where we met some lovely birds and other animals. The peacock was the first to grab our attention…he was up on the roof and making a very loud noise to welcome us. We were amazed to see it and its beautiful feathers.

We all grabbed a seat excitedly for the Eagles Flying Show. Our tour guide talked to us about the birds on the farm and told us some interesting facts. He introduced the birds one by one – species of falcons, owls and eagles. We learned that the owls are native to Ireland. He had food – chicks – ready to keep them happy. We were very impressed to see the birds gliding in the sky and swooping to grab the food. Some of us were very brave, volunteering to hold the birds; others were a little nervous!!! We all enjoyed getting to see the birds up close and to pet them.

Next stop was ‘Funny Bones’ where we had great FUN. There were slides, ball ponds, trampolines, shooting games, a football area, go karts etc to keep us entertained. We definitely got plenty of exercise running, climbing, jumping and playing.

It was great to spend a fun day out with our schoolmates…we had a super day!!!