05 Apr

We had a lovely assembly earlier presenting of our latest students of the week. We spoke as we enter the summer months of the importance of being active, having a health lifestyle and learning to enjoy different activities and sports. Most importantly, we focused on enjoyable participation and learning to work and play with others.

Our teachers this week praised students for their hard work and effort. Some expressed their delight at the maturity and level of common sense on display this week. It is always a pleasure to hear of children achieving with a task that they found difficult or succeeding in something new. It shows that their hard work will pay off, if they persevere. Children learn by example and the praise we heard today was a great example for all of our students. 

Congratulations to those awarded Student of the Week. Keep up this great work!

To conclude a huge congratulations to Second Class who made their First Confession last evening. It was a lovely ceremony. A special thank you to Mr.Clarke who prepared the children so well, Mrs McCafferty for all her help in preparation/decorating the church and finally as always to Fr Doherty and Fr Johnston for their continued interest and support.

This month is Autism awareness month and Ms Ruane has coordinated a lovely display which certainly rings true in our school. 

A busy week awaits and we conclude our second term. Reminder we close   for our Easter break on Friday April 12th and re-open on Monday 29th at the usual time. Have a lovely weekend.