01 May


Well the boys stepped up a gear this week and I hear there were some very close calls for the prize. Our student of the week presentation this week was a treat for us as teachers. Our day at work is made so much more enjoyable by having pupils who show these attributes.

Today our students were described as helpful and conscientious young people. They are mature and willing to help those around them in the classroom and helpful to the teachers also. As we move toward summer and nature is evolving all around is, so too, it appears, are our pupils. Teachers described children who have matured greatly over the past months and are showing signs of preparation to move up to their next level. We love to hear of children who apply themselves wholeheartedly to the tasks assigned.

Happiness is contagious and we heard of children whose happy personality is spreading through the classroom. These are children whose consistent attitude to hard work has made them stand out this week. Well done all of you. Maith sibh!

We hope you all enjoy the long weekend, we look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday morning at the usual time!