25 Oct

All About Bees

On Wednesday October 22nd classes 2nd, 3rd & 4th took part in an “All about Bees” workshop. They were visited by Tom Finnerty from Western Seaboard Science Project who spoke to them about the life of a bee. It was an interactive workshop where the children got to learn about bees, explore videos relating to the topic, engage with the hive and view a sample hive.
The audio visual display was informative and very enjoyable. The children experienced what daily life is life for a “Queen bee”, a “worker bee” and a bee keeper. They got to see the process that happens in order for the honey to be bottled and found on shelves in a supermarket. It made the whole process more real and gave them an insight into how food products are created while also understanding how difficult life can be for a bee keeper. It was very informative and lots of fun.
A special word of thanks to Tom for visiting our school. We really appreciate his time and expertise.